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Saint-Gobain PAM

Saint-Gobain PAM offers the following applications


PAMCAD software allows designers to quickly and easily create precise and detailed drawings of pieces belonging to the range of products marketed by SAINT-GOBAIN PAM.

Saint-Gobain PAM has developed software able to generate drawings representing the pipes and fittings used in the building, water and sanitation sectors: PAMCAD.

NEW! Compatible with AUTOCAD 2017 to 2020


The generated drawings can be viewed in several views. The software allows design offices to quickly and easily create precise and detailed drawings of PAM products.

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Important, you must download the software to your computer and unzip it before accessing the file name.

The pocket calculator for ductile iron pipe design

App from Saint-Gobain PAM designed for engineers and design offices in charge of water, sewage, industry and irrigation networks. It delivers calculation useful for dimensioning and installing PAM ductile iron pipeline.

PAM Tools Application
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PAM Tools Application
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The App consists of 7 tools which enable the following calculation:

  • Allowable pressure

  • Depth of cover

  • Head losses

  • Thrust massif

  • Anchor length

  • Gully grates absorption

  • Pressure reducing valve

PAM Tools App
PAM Tools App
PAM Tools App
PAM Tools App


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